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Neil Hobbs from Sydenham wrote on 2021-09-12
Saturday night: we are home here in Sydenham...but in effect transported to a stellar performance of the Golderg Variations that you gave a few years ago before the shadow of COVID fell over us all... Since March 2020 from time to time we have had the sustaining beauty of your playing in the days when we wondered what the future would bring us. We hope that life has not been bent too horribly out of shape for you - we can't really imagine what life may have been for artists that we know of in various fields. It is a long time since we first saw you play in Chipping Campden in England - memories of such events stay with wife thank you for your gifts and sincerely wish you well in the years to come. This month our baroque choir Melos may resurrect itself so music here may wing itself aloft once more. If you wish to write, please feel free to write at ... with all good wishes Neil and Hazel Hobbs
Simon Forth from Bath wrote on 2021-02-10
Hi Angela, I love your playing (and your CD booklet notes). On your CD of Bach transcriptions you introduced me to ‘Die Seele ruht in Jesu Handen’ by Harold Bauer, which is now one of my all time favourite pieces of music - thank you so much.
Joan Robinson from Greater London (Bexleyheath) wrote on 2021-01-04
Having just signed on, Ms Hewitt, may I just add that I am about to hunt down your Masterclasses and continue to look for more of your CDs. The voice of your piano (or possibly the one that had an unfortunate demise as my CDs were recorded a few years ago) is superb and has a warmth which has to be heard to be believed (and I readily admit that you have an influence on that too). Joan R
Dina Namer from Ottawa, Ontario wrote on 2020-11-20
Dear Angela: Sincere congratulations on receiving the Leipzig Bach Medal. I tuned in to ARTE to see and hear the Goldberg Variations last night. I have been in the Thomaskirche in the very spot where you played, making the experience even more powerful. Your performance was sheer ecstasy for me , from the opening Aria to the final notes . You played as if each voice was an individual singer; all of them joining together in a joyful choir. There aren't really words to describe the overwhelming effect of this performance on me. I will just say that tears came in the final notes of the Aria. One felt that Bach, the master, was near. He spoke through you. Thank you for your incredible dedication to his works. All the best, Dina
Peter Buist from Ottawa wrote on 2020-10-31
I had the privilege of watching you perform for the first time via live stream in Ottawa. It was so wonderful! I am a Professor of Chemistry (retired) by day but have played in church as an organist on Sunday for over 50 years... and the chorale prelude you finished is one of my absolute favourites, along with Sleepers Awake. I hoping one of my grandchildren takes up the piano. She is good friends with the Wards and I gather there is a connection there with you. Perhaps some of your musical genius will be magically be transported our way. God Bless! Peter Buist
Drew Turner from Calgary wrote on 2020-07-30
Dear Angela , I’m getting lost in your gorgeous Handel Haydn recording tonight . Bringing me great joy. Enjoy your new Fazioli in Umbria ! Please post some videos of your gorgeous new piano on twitter when time permits . Best, Drew in Calgary PS Beautifully recorded as well
Francois Vaillancourt from Santa Monica wrote on 2020-04-04
As I write I am listening to English Suite No. 5 by J. S. Bach. Your playing and the superb sound you produce nourishes the soul. Along with Glenn Gould, Rosalin Tureck , Busoni and others of similar stature Bach could not have better interpreters. I remain in debt for the gift that you give all of us. God keep you and your loved ones safe.
KhashaOstovany from IRVINE wrote on 2020-02-26
Our Dear Most Gracious Angela, It was an enormous joy to hear the heavenly music of Bach coming through your own heart and soul on to ours at the Wallis-Annenberg in Beverly Hills this past Sunday. Somehow, between the first chance I ever had to hear you in live performance many years ago in Glendale, CA, playing the "Goldberg Variations" and then again on Sunday evening, a whole 25 years had gone by when I never was close to where you were performing live. Luckily (for me) your many wonderful and exceptional recordings remained a constant company in my life. My deepest thanks to you, also, for your most kind and generous gesture of having your wonderful and kind Joan, allow me a copy of the CD of your 2015 performance of the variations as a gift after I had the great pleasure of meeting and chatting with you after the recital on Sunday. Even if there had been any minute space in my heart that you had not yet captured through your exceptional performances, you've now filled with this great act of human generosity. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! With all my respect and love, Khasha Ostovany
Maria Mantlik from Dover wrote on 2020-02-17
Dearest Maestra, I just wanted to share that my heart is also broken at the loss of your beloved piano. I hope that the pain your adoring fans feel in our hearts help you bear the loss. I am so very grateful for your exquisite interpretations of the Bach works. You are such an inspiration. Sincerely, Maria M.
Peter Hildebrand from Stonewall, Manitoba wrote on 2020-02-11
We have been enjoying The Six Partitas for a while now. And then, to hear about the demise of the Fazioli! It must have been a shock, and our condolences to you.