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  • Week 11 of LockdownWeek 11 of Lockdown
    It's been eleven weeks now since I've been in lockdown in my London flat. Two months since I last posted a news item here. A different experience. But touring concert pianists are used to being alone, and fortunately I'm happy in my own company.
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  • A different worldA different world
    How the world has changed since I wrote my last post at the turn of the year. With the virus pandemic now overtaking all of normal life, I find myself in lockdown in my London flat, where already for two weeks I’ve seen nobody other than the cashiers in the supermarket around the corner. At least here I have my Fazioli F183 (not a concert model—smaller, but still a wonderful instrument and my companion in this flat since 1999); all my professional possessions like scores, books, tax papers; and endless things to keep me occupied.
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