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  • A busy concert seasonA busy concert season
    In a few days it will be spring, and the year is passing by with record speed. So far in 2023 I’ve been on the road almost constantly, and in many different places. Right now I’m in San Francisco where tomorrow I give the first of three recitals in the Bay Area. The past two weeks were spent in beautiful British Columbia, performing and conducting Bach Concertos with the excellent Victoria Symphony, and giving three recitals, including one in Vancouver. On this tour I will still visit Seattle, Maryland, and Ottawa. The best thing, besides giving the concerts and talking with members of the audience afterwards, is seeing so many friends after the difficult years of the pandemic.
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  • The 2022-2023 season has begun!The 2022-2023 season has begun!
    Summer 2022 is now over, and here we are beginning a new concert season. I was heartbroken to miss most of the 2022 Trasimeno Music Festival in Umbria due to getting covid right at that time, but at least I was able to do the final two performances and see my wonderful audience again. Bravo to all the pianists who stood in for me at such short notice! And thank you to all of you who attended from various corners of the world. You are the best!
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German trains @DB_Bahn never reliable now. Delays all the time. Connections lost. This is going to be a long evening. I paid 253 euros for a flexible first class ticket and they can’t even confirm seats on the alternative route. Come on…

My recital in Boston 21.1.24 at @gardnermuseum has sold out to members of museum only. I could have given it twice on the same day! Very much looking forward to it and to seeing this gorgeous place. Hall by Renzo Piano.

Nice to work with girls @benendenschool after performing in their lovely new concert hall @Hemsted_Park. The day before that I was in St. Luke's Church Battersea--an amazing place I didn't know. Excellent concert space. Playing both @Fazioli_Pianos and @YamahaPianos. Now Germany!


So I'm waiting on hold to speak with Deutsche Bahn because they've messed up a train ticket, and while their loud music is blaring away over my laptop, I'm playing a Mozart sonata. When the lady comes on, she says, "Oh that sounds very nice!" I play a few bars for her again.

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