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George Mailath from Lake Munmorah wrote on 2017-05-14
Living relatively close to Newcastle I relish the opportunity to hear and see Angela Hewitt perform. I am disabled and am in a wheelchair and hold a Companion Card but I do not know if the Conservatory is a subscriber. Can you help?
Grace from Ottawa, Ontario wrote on 2017-03-19
Hi, Angela! I just want to say a HUGE thank you for tonight!! The concert was AMAZING!!! My dream of seeing you live came true, and I'll NEVER forget it! My favourite song in the concert was the last one, and I also really liked the song you did for the encore. I think it was called 'Tambourin' or something. Lol I was completely speechless when I met you (I got a bit shy) but overall it was awesome! The picture turned out great, and I absolutely LOVED the autograph (AND the fact that you signed it in a SILVER MARKER!! It's soooo pretty!) You are very down to earth and so beautiful and it was lovely to meet you!! I really appreciate the fact that you stayed after the show to meet your fans! Keep up the good work, enjoy those flowers, and I hope I'll get to see you again someday!
CYNTHIA ROVEDA from Sturgeon Falls wrote on 2017-03-08
Thank you Angela for your YOUTUBE Masterclasses. All of my private piano students must follow your Masterclasses and demonstrate what they have learned at their next piano lessons. Thank you for sharing these with us. I truly appreciate the Importance of Slow Practice Masterclass. I find students want to play fast repertoire constantly at a fast speed. Thank you.
Wayne Choma from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada wrote on 2017-02-07
Ms. Hewitt, Your music making delights the world and each album is eagerly awaited and its aural rewards digested with great pleasure - your exquisite gift feeds the hungry listener. It is wonderful that we can partake in this rite. Keep truckin', Wayne
Margaret Hofmann from Pierrefonds Quebec Canada wrote on 2016-12-12
Angela, I wanted to let you know, if you do not already, that the "No Man's Land" play you enthused about on your Facebook post is being live streamed, at least here in Montreal, this Thursday Dec 15 at 7:00 pm local time. I imagine it is being live streamed in cinemas internationally. (Sorry, I did not know how to tell you this on your Facebook post).
Catherine from Alnwick wrote on 2016-11-15
Just home from your concert for Alnwick Music Society this evening. Amazing! I remember seeing you play Bach's Goldberg Variations when I was a student some 15/16 years ago and I have never forgotten it. To hear the Aria again this evening was wonderful. I was very moved. Thanks for a wonderful evening.
Ann Collett from Campbellford, ON wrote on 2015-07-24
Dear Angela, I'm only just getting over the joy of being in Perugia July 3-10, attending all the concerts at this year's Tresimeno Festival. What a wonderful week it was! Never to be forgotten. In particular, I was swept away with what I heard on Wednesday evening; the Spanish evening, which I had looked forward to since buying an old CBC recording you made of Granados' enchanting dances. Your inclusion in the program of Falla's Fantasia Baetica had me weeping in admiration, at the sheer brilliance of the music as it poured from your piano, your fingers, from your heart. Thank you for all you do to make your Festival such a glorious musical event for so many of us. My trip of a lifetime. Ann.
Anna Graham from Toronto wrote on 2015-06-27
Angela, j'adore tes cours de maître! Je suis guitariste, mais j'apprends autant qu'un pianiste! Merci! Anna
Jay Rafael from Tokyo wrote on 2015-04-28
Another mesmerizing evening with you at Oji Hall in Tokyo. Scarlatti is so plain on the printed page and only comes alive on a well thought-out artistic performance. Every piece had a different sound image so the concert was rich in nuance and expressive qualities. It was like you played music from ten related composers instead of only four. The rhythmic parallels with the Granados pieces was really amazing! Especially when you brought us back to the spirit of Granados with the encores. I cannot praise the instrument enough as well. I wish I had a Fazioli at home. The sound is pure, even, bright, responsive and faithful to your artistic interpretations. A great partnership! Some more Debussy on your next visit, perhaps?
Brock Shoveller from Kingston, Ontario wrote on 2015-03-31
Quite a few years ago I saw Ms. Hewitt in concert at Hamilton Place with, I think I remember, Mario Bernardi conducting. The memory fails me, but I think it was either the E Minor or the F Minor Bach concertos. Spine tingling and I have been ever after a passionate fan of this wonderful lady. The clincher was, as we were sitting in the balcony during intermission, Ms. Hewitt and another lady walked down the aisle toward their seats, not drawing any attention to their presence (except mine, of course). as they listened to the second half of the concert. What celebrated musician does this?! - pay respect to the rest of the performers on the programme! Ottawa doesn't produce much of which one can be proud these days, but Ms. Hewitt more than makes up for all the deficiences.