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Jay Rafael from Tokyo wrote on 2015-04-28
Another mesmerizing evening with you at Oji Hall in Tokyo. Scarlatti is so plain on the printed page and only comes alive on a well thought-out artistic performance. Every piece had a different sound image so the concert was rich in nuance and expressive qualities. It was like you played music from ten related composers instead of only four. The rhythmic parallels with the Granados pieces was really amazing! Especially when you brought us back to the spirit of Granados with the encores. I cannot praise the instrument enough as well. I wish I had a Fazioli at home. The sound is pure, even, bright, responsive and faithful to your artistic interpretations. A great partnership! Some more Debussy on your next visit, perhaps?
Brock Shoveller from Kingston, Ontario wrote on 2015-03-31
Quite a few years ago I saw Ms. Hewitt in concert at Hamilton Place with, I think I remember, Mario Bernardi conducting. The memory fails me, but I think it was either the E Minor or the F Minor Bach concertos. Spine tingling and I have been ever after a passionate fan of this wonderful lady. The clincher was, as we were sitting in the balcony during intermission, Ms. Hewitt and another lady walked down the aisle toward their seats, not drawing any attention to their presence (except mine, of course). as they listened to the second half of the concert. What celebrated musician does this?! - pay respect to the rest of the performers on the programme! Ottawa doesn't produce much of which one can be proud these days, but Ms. Hewitt more than makes up for all the deficiences.
Paul Timms from Andover, UK wrote on 2015-02-20
I am really looking forward to your performance in Bath tomorrow of The Art of Fugue. I have been living with your recording since it was released and listened to it yesterday in London whilst exploring 17th century Dutch and French paintings in the National Gallery, which was a perfect accompaniment. I hope you enjoy performing again in The Assembly Rooms.
Larry wrote on 2015-01-22
Dear Angela: I have to tell you how much we enjoyed your concert at the Poisson Rouge this evening. It was a special experience to hear you and Ann Sophie in such an intimate space. Good for you for scheduling a recital in such a funky venue!
Lee Kesselman wrote on 2015-01-12
Wonderful recital in Chicago today! So beautifully prepared, performed, nuanced. An elegant uplifting program and performance. I would love to know the composer and title of the first encore!
Mary Ann Gorcsi wrote on 2015-01-10
I thoroughly enjoyed your performance last evening with Anne Sofie Von Otter at Koerner Hall. I first learned of you reading Music Magazine in 1988. I still have that edition, and enjoyed reading the article of this early time in your career, as I was completing my B Mus at Western, Ont. was the Fazioli you played at Koerner yours, or from Remenyi? It was lovely, perfectly in tune, as my partner mentioned. Thanks for performing for us in Toronto!
Bob Lagaaij wrote on 2014-12-24
I start my day with Angela Hewitts Bach. And I never am depressed!
Dorothy wrote on 2014-11-16
Angela I attended your concert in Aurora, Ontario. It was the most enjoyable piano concert I have been to. The warmth of your tone, your touch, your interpretation was breathtaking. I was fortunate enough to be in the front row. You took me on an unimaginable journey with your performance. I am very familiar with the guitar and orchestrated versions of the Suite Española. It was a joy to hear them played on the piano. I wanted to get up and dance with you. I heard nuances that I hadn't noticed before. You played a Scarlatti for your encore. I just wish I could remember which one it was. Wishing you all the best on your upcoming recording of the Scarlatti Sonatas. Many thanks for a most memorable and enjoyable performance. Dorothy Pfeiffer
Jan Laron wrote on 2014-10-29
Dear Angela I just finished listening to Your "Art of Fugue". I have many many performances of this work and I am ashamed that until now I found it a little boring when played on keybord. Your performance change my opinion. You really put a new light on it. I think its probably best performance of this work since 1750 !
Robert Judge wrote on 2014-10-20
Dear Angela Your concert tonight at Wgmore Hall in London was an absolutely stunning performance from beginning to end. The beautiful and thoughtful programme using the Scarlatti Sonatas to frame your Spanish works was brilliant. In addition, those Scarlatti Sonatas are simply not heard enough in concert and the eight you played along with your well deserved Scarlatti encore proved that these are keyboard gems of the highest order and deserve much more performance attention. Thank you so much ! I might also add that your rhythmic interpretation and visual excitement at performing the Spanish dances has elevated your playing to the highest level of virtuosity and commitment. Congratulations to you and to your wonderful Fazioli piano. It was truly a concert I will remember the rest of my life. Best regards, Robert Judge