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Jan Laron wrote on 2014-10-29
Dear Angela I just finished listening to Your "Art of Fugue". I have many many performances of this work and I am ashamed that until now I found it a little boring when played on keybord. Your performance change my opinion. You really put a new light on it. I think its probably best performance of this work since 1750 !
Robert Judge wrote on 2014-10-20
Dear Angela Your concert tonight at Wgmore Hall in London was an absolutely stunning performance from beginning to end. The beautiful and thoughtful programme using the Scarlatti Sonatas to frame your Spanish works was brilliant. In addition, those Scarlatti Sonatas are simply not heard enough in concert and the eight you played along with your well deserved Scarlatti encore proved that these are keyboard gems of the highest order and deserve much more performance attention. Thank you so much ! I might also add that your rhythmic interpretation and visual excitement at performing the Spanish dances has elevated your playing to the highest level of virtuosity and commitment. Congratulations to you and to your wonderful Fazioli piano. It was truly a concert I will remember the rest of my life. Best regards, Robert Judge
Robert Judge wrote on 2014-10-16
Hello Angela I am looking forward to your Wigmore Hall recital on Sunday with great anticipation. The last time I heard you was in Toronto at the Mozart triple piano concerto and double that you played with Louis Lortie celebrating Mozart. Now I really look forward to your Scarlatti and the rest of your programme. I hope things go well and it will be very interesting to hear you play your Fazioli but this time in Wigmore Hall and not Roy Thomson Hall. Best regards, Robert Judge
murry sidlin wrote on 2014-10-09
Angela, Sorry to miss you after rehearsal today. As always, you played superbly, engagingly, insightfully, and captivatingly. How I adore hearing you. What gorgeous tone Look forward to performance tomorrow evening. Warmest regards, Murry
Tommy Tse wrote on 2014-09-13
Dear Angela Thank you for all the wonderful insights and useful tips on interpretating Bach in your DVD "Bach Performance on the Piano". It enabled me to score high on my Bach piece (BWV830) in my fellowship examination. I think any diploma students should watch it. Once again, thank you! With Best Wishes! Tommy
Garry Handelman wrote on 2014-08-11
Angela, the G minor fugue in Book II is certainly among the greatest of Bach's fugues. And on Youtube, you play it RIGHT..the way the theme REACHES higher for a harmonic resolution, and then reaches AGAIN. This fugue must soar, and your performance achieves that. (I think Glenn must be smiling somewhere). Your performance matches that in my mind (but not alas, my poor fingers, that only try and hope to reach where this fugue goes), All the best, Garry
Christopher Millard wrote on 2014-06-22
Angela, I am really delighted with the new Mozart disc. The solo winds have been recorded beautifully and I am glad you gave us the chance to do this with you. Joanna and I were especially happy with the second movement duets. It is an elegant reading from everyone and the energy all came from you and Hannu. Looking forward to your next concert with us. XXXX Chris
Paul Guttadauria wrote on 2014-06-13
I wish I could have attended the release today of the music recorded last year at the NAC. Looking forward to ordering that cd... Paul
John Dinwiddie wrote on 2014-05-02
Hi, Angela Hewitt. I have heard of you by7 reputation, have been looking forward to hearing you play. Today was my lucky day, coming into Brandenburg 5 while driving just after it started. Well, it took a minute to adjust to the piano, but you really went the distance in making the mix work. I can't think of anything more difficult than playing Bach with a piano in ensemble. So, the performance was so singular that I just stopped the car when i returned home, wondering who on earth was making this magic. I was not surprised when i learned that it was you. Thank you, awe, congratulations. You have set the bar at impossible.
Peter Fergo wrote on 2014-04-10
Dear Angela, thank you very much for a magnificent concert last night in Copenhagen. I enjoyed every note you played. You play with such natural conviction that it is a joy to appreciate the music of these composers .The Bach suite was lovely and the Liszt tone poem exalted.