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Drew Turner from Calgary wrote on 2020-01-08
Dear Angela Hewitt , I’m sure you’ve heard this thousands of times already - but thank you so much for all of your wonderful recordings. They’ve brought me soooo much joy ! Please excuse gushing lol. I’m thrilled your re- recording some of the Bach works as your Fazioli sounds especially amazing in hires .96/24. I must also thank you for introducing and educating me on the wonders of Fazioli pianos . What a beautiful sound they make . Attending your music festival in Italy is at the top of my bucket list. Until then , all the best to you in your life and career . Best, Drew Turner
Renate Vandenberg from Peterborough wrote on 2019-09-17
Hello Angela! I love your interpretation of sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti ! First heard his music on guitar, performed by Julian Bream, while a student working at London(Ont)Public Library in 1970's. Still have that on "vinyl" ! Missed your performances of Scarlatti works a year or 2 ago. Don't see any Scarlatti in your upcoming performance dates in the Ottawa or Toronto area? We still have the poster you signed for us after a wonderful performance at Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, with National Symphony Orchestra in 80's. Thanks! Renate
Denis Donegan from Melbourne Australia wrote on 2019-08-26
Hi Angela, I would simply like to say that now that I am old, and having studied Bach for 54 years, that in my next incarnation I wish that I may have your wonderful ability to understand the many aspects of the Master's music. He would be very pleased with you. Best wishes, Denis
Mauricio Arias from Bogotá wrote on 2019-01-17
It was a pleasure meeting you in Cartagena, Angela! Congratulations on your performances! Awesome.
Wayne Choma from Winnipeg MB wrote on 2017-11-04
It was great that you visited us this March 2017. Your concert and recital were a great gift for our 150 year celebration. If we do see you here again it will be wonderful but until then your recordings and entries on YouTube are musical tonic for the soul. Hope you might consider recording the piano transcription of J.S. Bach, "Little Fugue in G Minor" BWV 578. A tour de force that can close any performance on a heavenly note. If music should seek to humbly please , you far exceed that mark! All the best, Wayne Choma
vincent fortier from Ottawa, ON wrote on 2017-07-26
Bonjour Angela, Votre concert au Westben Arts Festival était tout simplement divin. J'ai adoré votre choix de musique ( Scarlatti et bien sûr Bach )et je me suis transporté par votre interprétation de Chopin. C'était magnifique ! c'était un très beau moment ! Bravo et merci !
Richard McMillin from Kingston wrote on 2017-07-25
Madam Hewitt My wife and I were at your performance on July 24 at TIP and I would like to thank you for coming , Seldom do we see such amazing talent and get to bask in its glow. As you could see from the audience response I was not the only person to feel honored. Your on stage conversations with Eric Friesen were a delight to see. A charming , polished woman of warmth. Best Wishes, Richard McMillin Kingston, Ontario
Joe Oliver from Stratford wrote on 2017-07-24
Dear Ms Hewitt: I wanted to thank you for a wonderful concert on Saturday afternoon here in Stratford. I missed your prior appearance here (way back almost 30 years ago) so was determined to see you this time and was not disappointed. It's great that you still take the time to travel to smaller, out-of-the way venues to allow some people, who would otherwise not be able to hear you in person, to do so. Don't leave it so long before you return - and next time get Mr Miller to come up with a Fazioli for your performance (lol). Regards: Joe.
Robert from Jacksonville, Illinois wrote on 2017-07-23
Dear Ms. Hewitt, This is my second guestbook entry, with the first in 2004, as I recall. Then, I heard you play the Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1 with the Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom. Now, I have heard you play the Goldberg Variations in Chicago. I live about 250 miles from Chicago, but as soon as I belatedly learned that you were playing the Goldberg Variations at Ravinia, I immediately reserved tickets for me and a friend. I have loved the Goldberg Variations since I was in my early 20s and I own more than 15 recordings of it (including both of yours, of course). But I had never heard it played in concert until I heard you at Ravinia. I am 59 years old, so it meant a great deal to me finally to hear the Goldberg Variations in concert, and especially played by you. I am no musician, so I have nothing expert to say about your performance, but it struck me as extraordinary, and it was a privilege to be in the audience. My very warmest thanks for your artistry and best wishes for glorious concerts to come. Robert
Adele Freeman from Toronto wrote on 2017-07-16
Many years ago I had the opportunity to sit in the last row of a venue in Lausanne and listened while Arthur Rubenstein played Chopin. Today I sat in the front row for your Goldberg Variations. Both will live in my memory forever as musical highlights of my life. Thank you!