Four months of Lockdown

Here we are four months (17 weeks) into lockdown–such as it now is in London. Actually not much has changed for me since they started easing the rules. Yes, I was able to go to the hairdressers for the first time and can finally get a massage next week, but indoor concerts for an audience are not happening anytime yet.

It was, however, a total joy to play a Bach recital at London’s Wigmore Hall, even if the seats were empty. I knew it was going out to thousands and thousands worldwide, live on BBC Radio and on live-streamed on the internet. Fortunately it went well, and it was a great feeling to perform again. Until July 24th you can watch the performance on Youtube and also on Wigmore Hall’s website.

My daily mini-recitals on social media have now ended but the 87 short pieces I performed for you are now all on my Youtube channel here. In the last weeks of that run, I raised over $6000 for Orkidstra–a social development project in my home town of Ottawa that builds community through offering free lessons to children in under-served areas. They were thrilled to bits, and I must thank all of you who donated to that very worthy cause.

I’m still working hard on new repertoire. I suppose the big news is that on July 29th (all being well) I will travel to Sacile (near Venice) to choose a new Fazioli concert grand piano at the factory–replacing the one that was smashed at the end of January. That will be exciting. Then I have time to work it in before I make my next recording–probably in the autumn.

We must continue to be very vigilant and do all we can to stop the spread of this terrible disease.