Scarlatti: Sonatas, Vol. 1

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Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
Sonatas, Vol. 1

Hyperion Records CDA67613

1 Sonata in D minor Kk9 [3’58] 2 Sonata in C major Kk159 [2’21] 3 Sonata in B minor Kk87 [6’21] 4 Sonata in D major Kk29 [5’26] 5 Sonata in A major Kk113 [4’20] 6 Sonata in D major Kk430 [3’20] 7 Sonata in G minor Kk8 [4’42] 8 Sonata in G major Kk13 [4’21] 9 Sonata in B minor Kk27 [4’17] 10 Sonata in D major Kk140 [4’14] 11 Sonata in D minor Kk141 [4’28] 12 Sonata in F minor Kk69 [5’40] 13 Sonata in G major Kk427 [2’30] 14 Sonata in A minor Kk109 [8’11] 15 Sonata in D major Kk96 [4’48] 16 Sonata in E major Kk380 [7’11]

Baroque pianist par excellence Angela Hewitt turns to the rich seam of Domenico Scarlatti keyboard sonatas. There are 555 in total—here Angela performs sixteen of the finest.

‘With so much experience playing music of the Baroque, you’d expect something highly personal from Hewitt. Even in a sonata as well known as the lilting Kk9, we hear it afresh, with no turn of phrase going unconsidered. In the bustling Kk159, replete with horn calls, she reveals as much interest in the inner parts as in the outer ones’ (Gramophone)

‘This excellently recorded disc is outstanding. In her detailed essay Hewitt intimates a wish to issue further volumes. Wonderful news!’ (BBC Music Magazine)

‘Irresistible … as in her admired Bach recordings, Hewitt’s crisp articulation conveys an impression of Scarlatti’s original harpsichord’ (The Sunday Times)

‘Hewitt respects his Baroque sense of proportion and scale. She plays a selection of 16 sonatas with expert control—perfect clarity, interplay of parts, clean tone, but also a delight in the music’s quick intelligence and vivacity’ (Financial Times)