Scarlatti: Sonatas, Vol. 2

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Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
Sonatas, Vol. 2

Hyperion Records CDA68184

1 Sonata in D major Kk491[5’53] 2 Sonata in D major Kk492[4’07] 3 Sonata in G major Kk146[3’39] 4 Sonata in B minor Kk377[3’16] 5 Sonata in A major Kk24[4’51] 6 Sonata in E major Kk206[9’26] 7 Sonata in A major Kk428[2’01] 8 Sonata in A major Kk429[4’54] 9 Sonata in G major ‘Capriccio’ Kk63[2’16] 10 Sonata in D minor ‘Gavota’ Kk64[2’00] 11 Sonata in G minor Kk426[7’09] 12 Sonata in G major Kk547[4’16] 13 Sonata in E flat major Kk474[6’21] 14 Sonata in C minor Kk58[3’46] 15 Sonata in C major Kk513[5’31] 16 Sonata in F major Kk82[2’50] 17 Sonata in F minor Kk481[6’53]

‘In short, this release attests to Hewitt’s deep affinity for Scarlatti, her exemplary musicianship and her gifts as a programme-builder’ (Gramophone)

‘Her gossamer touch makes Scarlatti’s rapid passagework and figurations sound light as summer rain, while his fiddly embellishments sparkle and shimmer’ (BBC Music Magazine)

‘Angela Hewitt has chosen 17 of Domenico Scarlatti’s super-abundant keyboard sonatas (he wrote more than 550) to create a second engaging recital following her 2015 volume. Again, she has cleverly organised her selection into satisfying subgroups linked by key and mood’ (The Observer)

‘The Iberian firecracker elements are naturally present and correct: the dazzling K24 in A major, with its whizzing scales and percussive repetitions, is full of Spanish verve. But she also finds melancholy and bittersweet notes … and she does a wonderful job creating concerto-ripieno effects in some of the grander sonatas. Her programme notes are illuminating too’ (Pianist)