Bach: Flute Sonatas


Fans of Angela Hewitt will be delighted to find her in chamber mode, accompanying Andrea Oliva (described as ‘one of the best flutists of his generation, a shining star in the world of the flute’ by Sir James Galway) in a programme of J S Bach’s flute sonatas (including one by his most famous and talented son, CPE). Of unfailingly remarkable quality, all these works exploit the full potential of an instrument which was only just coming into its own when they were written. Oliva’s lyricism and agility coupled with Hewitt’s musicianship—not to mention her lifelong rapport with Bach’s music—make this an album to treasure.

Sonata in E flat major BWV1031 (11’13)
1 Allegro moderato (4’03)
2 Siciliano (2’09)
3 Allegro (5’01)

Sonata in G minor BWV1020 (11’52] Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788)
4 Allegro (4’12)
5 Adagio (2’34)
6 Allegro (5’06)

Sonata in C major BWV1033 (9’03)
7 Andante (1’40)
8 Allegro (2’37)
9 Adagio (1’49)
10 Menuetto I and II (2’57)

Sonata in E minor BWV1034 (14’51)
11 Adagio ma non tanto (3’21)
12 Allegro (2’44)
13 Andante (3’57)
14 Allegro (4’49)

Sonata in E major BWV1035 (12’39)
15 Adagio ma non tanto (2’37)
16 Allegro (3’06)
17 Siciliano (3’41)
18 Allegro assai (3’15)

Sonata in B minor BWV1030 (18’10)
19 Andante (7’54)
20 Largo e dolce (4’23)
21 Presto – Allegro (5’53)

An album of six Sonatas for flute and piano by J.S. Bach (or his sons?) with Andrea Oliva (first flute in the Orchestra of Santa Cecilia, Rome) and Angela Hewitt.

“This is an inspired modern-instrument take on Bach” BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

“Oliva is evidently an outstanding player… Hewitt is a model of discretion and elegance” (The Guardian)

“Beyond doubt are the taste and poise of these performances by Angela Hewitt and Andrea Oliva… the entire set is a cornucopia of lithe invention” (The Daily Telegraph)

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