“Hewitt is Hyperion’s top-selling artist and one of the busiest pianists on earth” (Norman Lebrecht)

Evening Standard, 2005-08-10

“I know of no musician whose Bach playing on any instrument is of greater subtlety, beauty of tone, persuasiveness of judgement or instrumental command than Hewitt’s is here.”

BBC Music Magazine, 2005-01-26

“Hewitt’s playing radiates joy, wit and profound understanding of the composer’s keyboard style. This series is one of the record glories of our age.” (Bach on Hyperion)

The Sunday Times, 2005-01-26

“Hewitt remains today’s finest exponent of Bach’s keyboard music”

Gramophone, 2005-01-26

“Of all living pianists, Hewitt makes the strongest case for hearing Bach on the piano as opposed to harpsichord. Here, she applies the same staggering technique and intellectual grasp to three suites by François Couperin … outstanding.”

The Independent, 2005-01-26

“The paramount quality of Angela Hewitt’s piano playing is the joy it communicates. Underpinning it there is incontrovertible intellectual rigour; and there are great reserves of wisdom and technical finesse. But the thing that came across so strongly in this substantial recital was that she has an ability to seize upon the distinguishing traits of a piece of music, conceive them carefully in terms of the piano, and then, most importantly, interpret them in a way that speaks with candour, freshness and animation…”

Daily Telegraph, 2003-11-07

“It was a positive sensation. The Canadian pianist is one of the reliably mesmerising musicians of the day. You sit entranced….it would have been more accurate to say I was floating just below the ceiling. She seems to me the complete performer, gifted not only with fingers that imprint each note with a svelte newness and a mind that is not deflected by such precision work from calmly surmising the larger structure, but also with the ability to convey a spiritual seriousness that nonetheless does not exclude an utter charm.”

The Sunday Times, 2003-09-01

“What a pianist. What a performance. What a series. What an experience.” (Edinburgh Festival 2002)

The Herald, 2002-08-17

“Hewitt is a new keyboard genius. Buy the CD, go to the concert.”

Evening Standard, 1999-04-12