Couperin: Keyboard Music 2

Couperin Keyboard Music 2


Hyperion Records CDA 67480

A second disc for those who were enamoured of Angela Hewitt’s initial survey of the keyboard works of the great French master, François Couperin.

‘In the expert hands of Angela Hewitt, François ‘Le Grand’ Couperin makes as easy a transition from harpsichord to piano as has Bach. The difference is that many people may – and should – now be listening to Couperin for the first time.’
(The Guardian)

‘For someone of Angela Hewitt’s pulling power to invite her fans so enticingly down so unfashionable a path…is brave; and it’s right’ (BBC Music Magazine)

Book IV: Vingt-Cinquième Ordre
9. La Visionaire (3’47)
9. La Misterieuse (4’52)
9. La Monflambert (1’51)
9. La Muse Victorieuse (2’30)
9. Les Ombres Errantes (4’03)

Book IV: Vingt-Unième Ordre
9. La Reine des cœurs (3’22)
9. La Bondissante (1’45)
9. La Couperin (4’09)
9. La Harpée (2’47)
19. La Petite Pince-sans-rire (1’48)

Book IV: Vingt-Quatrième Ordre
19. Les Dars-homicides (2’38)
19. L’Amphibie (7’03)

Book IV: Vingt-Sixième Ordre
19. La Convalescente (4’38)
19. Gavote (1’59)
19. La Sophie (4’09)
19. L’Epineuse (4’17)
19. La Pantomime (3’49)

Book IV: Vingt-Septième Ordre
19. L’Exquise (3’46)
19. Les Pavots (4’19)
20. Les Chinois (2’47)
21. Saillie (2’34)

Angela Hewitt’s hugely successful first volume of François Couperin’s Pièces de Clavecin presented works from Books II and III of the cycle. Here we have a further twenty-one pieces, all from Book IV. They show Couperin at his most imaginative, and often getting very close to sounding like Bach.

Available in both standard CD and also multi-channel surround-sound hybrid SACD formats.

Recorded in Henry Wood Hall, London, on 27–30 July 2003

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François Couperin: La Visionaire (3’47)

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