Bach: Italian Concerto and French Overture

Bachs Italian Concerto and French Overture


Hyperion Records CDA 67306

One of Bach’s most popular works, the Italian Concerto, is here presented with the French Overture, the Four Duets, and the two youthful Capriccios.

‘This disc is one of the finest volumes in Hewitt’s continuing Bach cycle, with marvellous engineering to match. Highly recommended’ (International Record Review)

‘Hewitt’s playing radiates joy, wit and profound understanding of the composer’s keyboard style. This series is one of the record glories of our age’ (The Sunday Times)


Italian Concerto in F major BWV971 (12’47)
1. ( ) (3’41)
2. Andante (5’38)
3. Presto (3’25)

Capriccio on the Departure of his Beloved Brother, in B flat major BWV992 (10’10)
4. Arioso (1’58)
5. Andante (fugato) (1’09)
6. Adagissimo (3’17)
7. Aria Introduction (0’28)
8. Aria di postiglione: Adagio poco (1’04)
9. Fuga all’imitazione della cornetta di postiglione (2’11)
10. Capriccio in E major BWV993 (5’13)

Four Duets (10’43)
11. Duet in E minor, BWV802 (2’45)
12. Duet in F major, BWV803 (2’32)
13. Duet in G major, BWV804 (3’24)
14. Duet in A minor, BWV805 (2’01)

French Overture in B minor BWV831 (30’00)
15. Overture (12’09)
16. Courante (2’27)
17. Gavotte I (1’23)
18. Gavotte II (1’25)
19. Gavotte I (da capo) (0’46)
20. Passepied I (1’09)
21. Passepied II (0’56)
22. Passepied I (da capo) (0’43)
23. Sarabande (4’00)
24. Bourrée I (0’52)
25. Bourrée II (1’03)
26. Bourrée I (da capo) (0’29)
27. Gigue (2’32)
28. Echo (2’25)

This disc includes works from the second and third volumes of Bach’s Clavierübung (Keyboard Practice). The Italian Concerto is one of Bach’s most popular keyboard works, with its irrepressible verve and beautiful slow movement. The French Overture (or the B minor Partita as it is often called) is one of his greatest suites, ending with the brilliant “Echo”. More severe, but just as remarkable are The Four Duets, which are mature two-part inventions. The disc also includes two youthful Capriccios, one “on the departure of a beloved brother”—an early example of programme music.

Recorded in Henry Wood Hall, London, on 4-7 October 2000

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Capriccio in E major BWV993 (5’14)

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