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Schumann: Davidsbündlertänze, Kinderszenen, Sonata No 2


Angela Hewitt has earned a richly deserved reputation for her interpretations of Bach and the Baroque, and something of that characteristic clarity illuminates her Schumann performances. Her first disc of this repertoire was praised for its ‘seemingly effortless but always adventurous interpretations … her poise and amplitude lending it an unearthly beauty’ and this second volume, containing some of the composer’s most bewitchingly beautiful music, should be no less lauded.

This is the second CD Angela Hewitt has devoted to the solo piano music of Schumann. On it she has included three of her favourite works: the beloved Scenes from Childhood (Kinderszenen) with the ever popular “Träumerei”; the fantastic Davidsbündlertänze which, perhaps more than any other of his compositions, shows his dual personality of Florestan and Eusebius; and the brilliant G minor Sonata Op. 22.

“… an exceptional recital” (DAILY TELEGRAPH CLASSICAL CD OF THE WEEK)

“This is revelatory Schumann-playing. Something to cherish” (Gramophone)

“Angela Hewitt… gives immensely polished performances of three jewels from the mid-1830s” (The Times)

Kinderszenen Op 15 (18’22)
1 Von fremden Ländern und Menschen (1’25)
2 Kuriose Geschichte (1’03)
3 Hasche-Mann (0’31)
4 Bittendes Kind (0’46)
5 Glückes genug (1’13)
6 Wichtige Begebenheit (0’51)
7 Träumerei (2’43)
8 Am Kamin (0’53)
9 Ritter vom Steckenpferd (0’35)
10 Fast zu ernst (1’45)
11 Fürchtenmachen (1’46)
12 Kind im Einschlummern (2’20)
13 Der Dichter spricht (2’31)

Davidsbündlertänze Op 6 (36’49)
14 Lebhaft (1’28)
15 Innig (1’43)
16 Mit Humor (1’28)
17 Ungeduldig (0’48)
18 Einfach (2’17)
19 Sehr rasch (1’49)
20 Nicht schnell (3’34)
21 Frisch (1’02)
22 Lebhaft (1’27)
23 Balladenmässig: Sehr rasch (1’33)
24 Einfach (2’13)
25 Mit Humor (0’42)
26 Wild und lustig (3’26)
27 Zart und singend (2’46)
28 Frisch (1’54)
29 Mit gutem Humor (1’10)
30 Wie aus der Ferne (4’43)
31 Nicht schnell (2’46)

Piano Sonata No 2 in G minor Op 22 (20’03)
32 So rasch wie möglich (6’46)
33 Andantino (getragen) (5’43)
34 Scherzo: Sehr rasch und markiert (1’41)
35 Rondo: Presto (5’53)