Scarlatti: Sonatas Vol. 2


After the success of Angela Hewitt’s first album of Scarlatti sonatas, it is a joy to announce the appearance of a second. As Angela herself writes of this new selection, many fresh to her repertoire, this is ‘appealing, unique, dazzling’ music—performed here with the greatest of panache.

Kk 491 in D major
Kk 492 in D major
Kk 146 in G major
Kk 377 in B minor
Kk 24 in A major
Kk 206 in E major
Kk 428 in A major
Kk 429 in A major
Kk 63 in G major: Capriccio
Kk 64 in D minor: Gavota
Kk 426 in G minor
Kk 547 in G major
Kk 474 in E flat major
Kk 58 in C minor
Kk 513 in C major
Kk 82 in F major
Kk 481 in F minor

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