Bach’s The Art of Fugue now out on Hyperion!

Bach's The Art of Fugue now out on Hyperion

It’s out! One of the CD recordings which means the most to me in my life (so far!): Bach’s The Art of Fugue. It makes me very happy to share this great music with so many people around the world. It’s available on this website (and if you want it signed personally, I can do that before November 11th or after December 4th), by clicking on the link “Shop” at the top of this page. Also on Hyperion’s website where you can download it and the 6000-word essay that accompanies the double-CD.

‘… playing of unusual distinction…This Art of Fugue is marvellous. The variety and beauty of tone alone make compelling listening, bringing contrasts, clarity and warmth to Bach’s intellectual marvels… radiant majesty and humanity’ (Geoff Brown, The Times)