Bach: The Toccatas

The Toccatas

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Hyperion Records CDA 67310

These early works show how Bach must have wowed his contemporaries with his improvisations and virtuoso keyboard playing. A must for any serious piano student!

‘Her performances could hardly be more stylish or impeccable, more vital or refined; and, as a crowning touch, Hyperion’s sound is superb’ (Gramophone)

‘Like the music itself, the performances brim with that improvisatory spontaneity that is the hallmark of this player’s style’ (The Sunday Times)

1. Toccata in C minor BWV911 (12’12)
2. Toccata in G major BWV916 (7’27)
3. Toccata in F sharp minor BWV910 (10’22)
4. Toccata in E minor BWV914 (6’49)
5. Toccata in D minor BWV913 (11’42)
6. Toccata in G minor BWV915 (9’00)
7. Toccata in D major BWV912 (11’22)

The seven Toccatas by J.S. Bach contain some of the great master’s most joyous keyboard music. The toccatas are youthful, improvisatory, virtuoso works, composed in the aftermath of Bach’s trip in 1705 to Lübeck to hear the great organist and composer Buxtehude.

Angela Hewitt’s Bach playing has won unanimous praise from all quarters for its rhythmic vitality, tonal clarity and poetic warmth. This stunning disc is another outstanding issue in what is widely recognized as the benchmark modern recordings of Bach’s keyboard works.

Recorded in Henry Wood Hall, London, on 15-18 January 2002

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Available audio excerpts from this recording

Toccata C-moll
Toccata D-dur
Toccata D-moll
Toccata E-moll
Toccata Fiss-moll
Toccata G-dur
Toccata G-moll

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